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Better Than Mending

Dreamwell - a young five piece emotional hardcore from Boston, MA and Providence, RI.. After I had the pleasure to put one song ("Bury Me") on my newest sampler - I'm now more than thrilled to present you the whole debut record called "The Distance Grows Fonder". And it's immense. I mean really. Take the best melodies, harmonies, screaming parts and lyrics of screamo, post-hardcore and modern hardcore and you'll get this beautiful mélange which will tear you apart.

"I’m breaking down. I’m breaking. I’m sick and tired of holding on, to the past things that I loved. And I still don’t know, if I’m asking the right questions. Because I still don’t know if I’ve heard what I need to forgive."

Touching on ideas of self-exploration, the lyrics are meant to be taken generally, but also being based on raw experiences that come from the darker sides of the human condition. Wrought in brutal honesty, the lyrical ethos is complemented by gut wrenching, dissonant guitars and explosive drum patterns. Their sound is intended to be loud and physical.

If you are into bands like Pianos Become The Teeth, Shirokuma, Suis La Lune, Touche or even Hotel Books (Lyrically) - this will definitely something you'll fall in love with.

The record, "The Distance Grows Fonder" will be officially out September 8th. You can order the record over at bandcamp.

Dreamwell - The Distance Grows Fonder