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Fissure – s/t

Fissure - s/t | Band | Powerviolence | Hardcore

Will kill you
Kill them all
Black and green
Biggest threat
You’ve ever seen
Surf squid
Beat down
Break beat
Kill clowns
I am nice
I eat rice
Who cares?
Get the Fuck out of here.”
(from “C.C. Beat”)

FissureACxDC, SFN, Eddie Brock, Lapse, Sea of Shit…violence, violence everywhere.

Fissure is relatively new badass 4-piece powerviolence band from Orange County, California. The sound could be best described as an intense distorted sound massacre between high-pitched vocals/deep growls, ultrafast drumming and great riffs.

This EP is a monster. 9 abrasive minutes of pure hate and aggression.

What else? Ehm…damn. It’s powerviolence. It’s sick. It’s rad. And worth a download haha

Also for fans of

Spazz, Despise You, Dropdead, Trash Talk, D.N.F., Infest.


01 – C.C. Beat
02 – MattxDemon
03 – Shaolin Death Pit
04 – Junkie’s Day Off
05 – Blake Steals Tube Socks
06 – Organic Tofu Feels No Pain
07 – In Control





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4 Responses to Fissure – s/t

  1. Brice Harmon says:

    bad ass!!

  2. Dylan says:

    Thank you guys so much for doing this! When I read the comparisons, I was like a kid on christmas morning. Again, thank you for doing this. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate this.
    -Dylan (FISSURE)

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