New songs by Yotsuya Kaidan / Thisismenot­thinkingofyou / Ghostlate from their 5-Way-Split with I Hate Sex and Healing Powers | back
Yotsuya Kaidan

Ok. Honestly - where to begin by such an amazing line-up for a split? Every act is absolutely killing it. This record has been over a year in the making and the result is breathtaking.

5 intense screamo songs fully packed of emotive awesomeness from the best bands around - an amazing artwork by Valik of Samegrey Design Studios/Yotsuya Kaidan and super-neat labels getting it on 7" vinyl.

This is an all in all great release. So have fun while listening. Keep supporting diy labels, music and stay rad.

  • 1. Thisismenotthinkingofyou - Strange House
  • 2. Yotsuya Kaidan - Hyperrealism
  • 3. Healing Powers - An Apparition
  • 4. I Hate Sex - Never Risen
  • 5. Ghostlate - A Bouquet That I Held And You