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YOUTH - The Difference in Us Stream

Thrilled to finally show you the stream of "The Difference in Us" - the first EP by vienna based emo/punk band YOUTH.

Since their inception in the beginning of 2017, Youth merges the raw emo/punk sound of the 90s with more modern interpretations of the genre, creating a melancholic and yet moving atmosphere.

The EP will be released via LaserLife Records on Tape in early 2018. Great label, great band, great people.

This is beyond awesome and everyone who loves bands like Basement or Turnover will immediately fall in love.

I've tried my best to get past myself I'm not coming to terms with these thoughts in my head I can't rest my head make me feel at home, again

Catch them on tour with their friends Spirit Desire here:

  • 1.2. Vienna @ Bach
  • 2.2. Linz @ Privat
  • 3.2. Innsbruck @ Jellyfish
YOUTH - The Difference in Us