Причал – Отголоски


2 vorrätig

  • Beschreibung

    Guitar-driven screamo full of subtle melodies, indie inspired chords and a very dark and sad feeling. Причал never really scream out their black despair…they keep calm, they seem to swallow the pain and hope for something beautiful. And so is this record…beautiful.
    A sureshot for fans of Daïtro, Sed Non Satiata, Amanda Woodward or older swedish Emo/Indie-Rock. Even if you deep into guitar-orientated Independent-stuff…take a listen, you might love this!

    This Records is a cooperation with Samegrey Records, Wintersea, Unlock Yourself and Bookhouse Records. Support them, they all release excellent stuff!

    300 Records are made. Included are a Downloadcard and a foldout Lyricsheet with a extra Artwork done by Valik Samegrey!

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