Behind Enemy Lines – One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God


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    After two long years of silence, Behind Enemy Lines has finally recorded „One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God…“ the follow-up to their brilliant „Know Your Enemy“ and „The Global Cannibal“ albums. This new effort contains an equally ferocious sound of their previous efforts, with powerful Scandi-crust with a machine-gun-like punch, and of course the hyper-political lyrics that aren’t afraid to name names and list addresses for those responsible for fucking over the world. In addition to the normal LP and CD packaging, each format also includes a separate perfect-bound book with the lengthy lyrics, dozens of political posters, and additional artwork. If you do not already know Behind Enemy Lines, then you are missing some of the most intense, anti-authoritarian punk rock of our ages, made by veteran members of some of the most influential American hardcore-punk bands for the last decade (Aus-Rotten, React, Pist, Caustic Christ, etc.).

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