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Black Lives Matter | 1312
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Black Lives Matter | 1312
Black Lives Matter | 1312
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A bit late here on the blog but here are my personal highlights of the year 2019. Massive amout of great releases from screamo to hardcore punk and indie – it was a pretty decent year.

The Menzingers – Hello Exile
Jimmy Eat World – Surviving
Wounds of Recollection – You Were a Garden of Empyrean Light
Nosferatu – Solution A
Sadness – I want to be there
Hundreds Of AU – Mission Priorities on Launch
One Step Closer – From Me To You
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – Suffer On
COUNTERPARTS – Nothing Left To Love
Cloud Rat – Pollinator
fluoride – Disentanglement
La Dispute – Panorama
No Vacation – Phasing
Caged Existence – The Burden of Purpose
Arboricidio – What We Leave Behind
Thees Uhlmann – Junkies und Scientologen
Shin Guard – 2020
Archivist – Triumvirate
Renounced – Self Inflicted
Frail Body – A Brief Memoriam
CADY – Silence Will Not Protect You
Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling
Blue Noise – everyone goes away eventually
Dowsing – Sky Coffin
Clairo – Immunity
Peregrine – As One Would Exist Within the Crescendo
Gurr – She Says
Foxtails – querida hija
Black Marble – Bigger Than Life
PVRIS – Hallucinations
portrayal of guilt – Portrayal Of Guilt / Soft Kill Split
State Faults – Clairvoyant
Liturgy – H.A.Q.Q.
ZETA – Mochima
M:40 – Arvsynd
Crumb – Jinx
a paramount, a love supreme – Crisis Meditations
kishote – takotsubo
Piper Maru – Most of My Friends Died in Space
Painted Worlds – Oh, the Places You Won’t Go
Mystic Will – EP
Lowmeninyellowcoats – lowmeninyellowcoats
Men I Trust – Oncle Jazz
White Ward – Love Exchange Failure
Operation Volkstod – Anti-Fascist Black Metal
Prune Deer – Insufficient Postage
Nepugia – 3 Demos (Narrativas dependientes)
Agnosy – When Daylight Reveals the Torture
Dropdead – Demo 2019
Algae Bloom – I am less than I expected to be
Fury – Failed Entertainment
Politess – Il ne fait pas froid dans l’alphabet
Closedown – Demo
Bethari – 4-Way Split with Inquiry Last Scenery, Mar Negro & Poetry of Torch
Mortality Rate – You Were The Gasoline
All These Fucking Eyes – Prolonged Exposure
Ossuarium – Living Tomb
Vidro – Allt brinner
car made of glass – Potion/Car Made of Glass

Best Of 2019
Best Of 2019

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