screamo/emoviolence band from austin, texas. this song is taken from the emo apocalypse sampler released by react with protest. members also played in faithealer, body pressure, hatred surge, toru okada.

they released a 7″ called “We Will Turn Your Cemeteries Into Our Cathedrals, And Your Cities Into Tombs” and a demo in 2005.

.leaves – SISTA GÅNGEN (feat. Jonathan Lemberg / Shirokuma) video premiere

Hyped to present you the first song/video premiere on the redesigned blog. Hardcore punk/screamo outfit .leaves from Jena teamed up with Jonathan from our beloved Shirokuma to release one hell of a good song from their upcoming record. “was erzählen wir jetzt unseren kindern?” will be out on the 1st of march 2019 on vinyl, cd and tape.

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