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Corona - Info:
Corona - Info:

Corona – Info

Funeral Diner

hey punx,

I know this corona message comes pretty late for the store but I was sick the last weeks. sorry for that.

as you might have seen there are only mts releases left in the store now. all the distro records which were not sold at the last sale I’m gonna donate to a local record store. and also if consider to order records from me – take a look at BIS AUFS MESSER Recordstore or so for example – if they still have it and support them. I don’t live from the all this but local record stores and labels/distros have a hard time right now – shout out to Alerta Antifascista Records (official) etc.

but if you order in the mts store – orders will go out as planned.

that being said. try to stay safe and support eachother if you can. leave no one behind.


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