drych – drych full-length premiere

drych band

drych is a relatively new blackened hardcore four piece from dresden/germany with ex-/ members of Elmar, ISWH or Aslov Kinski and I’m more than stoked to present you the stream of their first full-length. And let me say – “drych” is heavy – really damn heavy – think of Throats or Hierophant. These six songs are bursting relentlessly and they have this all-in-all overwhelming soundwall. Hope y’all enjoy this as much as I do.

Leben ist ein schwieriger Akt | You exhume diligence out of every pore | To decapitate commitment, and wait for the incision


Awesome Pike Records is releasing this monster on vinyl – you can pre-order it (150 copies on red marbled vinyl, hand numbered) here: https://www.pikerecords.com/product/drych-drych-lp/

drych – drych Cover

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