Foxes/Iselia – Split


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  • Beschreibung

    This split between Foxes and Iselia takes two bands from complete opposite sides of the world, and combines their varying styles of emotional screamo to show you exactly what both bands are truly capable of.

    With Iselia releasing their first full length, Life From Dead Limbs, last year, and Foxes releasing their 5-song EP in May, both bands reveal how much and how quickly they have matured and progressed.

    This combined effort is tied around the concept of a middle aged man lost in his own despair and depression. On the verge of suicide, he loses himself in his dreams where he is greeted by his loved ones, past and present, who take him on a journey back into his childhood years in hopes for him to reconsider the actions his melancholy has led him to.

    Both Iselia and Foxes pull up all the depth and emotion one would expect in embracing such a concept, bringing you into the mind of the man, and showcasing the pain and anguish he’s been dealt.

    By merging Foxes abrasive, cold sounds with Iselia’s hard-hitting and uplifting crescendos, this split release is truly a must hear.

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