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Human Hands – Morning Sun


5 vorrätig

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    Human Hands are currently the best 90’s inspired emo band around. This is their second LP – 6 songs – folded 200g cardboard covers – handstamped center labels and 20 page A4 zine. Stunning.

    After their first self titled full length in 2014, whose first press sold out in 2 months, human hands from birmingham, england are back with a new full length, still reminiscent of a lot of bands who were masters of the silent/loud game in the 90s, like boy’s life, julia or indian summer, but yet a more mature sound that still keeps your head nodding in time, melancholy, sad, yet full of hope, influenced by a lot of classic singer/songwriters like neill young. You can clearly hear the band has grown up a little, gone are the super furious outbreaks some of the songs had, yet the intensity stays. Human hands are a humble band, but they still have something to say, and when you listen to the record, you know they mean it.

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