Kepler – If you see our friend, tell her we miss her

Kepler - If you see our friend, tell her we miss her

Kepler is a special band to me. I released their first record back in 2016 and I’m still stoked about it. They are incredible talented, an awesome live band and just total sweet-hearts in general.

They took some time to get their debut full-length done and are now back on the map with a screamo/emo/post-hardcore masterpiece called “If you see our friend, tell her we miss her”. Dealing with topics like social anxieties, death, weaknesses and strengths – you’ll find references from Jennifer Niven, John Green, Neutral Milk Hotel, Twin Peaks, Skins and even Silent Hill in the lyrics. The whole record is just an intense journey both lyrically and musically. Somewhere between At The Drive-In, Suis la lune, Touche and This World is a Beautiful Cat… – Kepler creating their own little space in this emotive hardcore microcosm.

Take your time and listen carefully to these 9 tracks. “If you see our friend, tell her we miss her” is top-notch and I’m now stop writing more because I’m getting super emotional and it’s about the record – so enjoy it, take care and keep being awesome.

we are losing our best friend and I just can’t understand how anything could live on when you are gone / it’s making me nervous to lie here / I’m waking up all the time / this is life in a flicker book / so tell me (please hold me) / do you remember when we were younger?

Days of Glow



Kepler live in Berlin

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