La Parade – Voces Del Exilio


Amazing 4-piece screamo/post-hardcore outfit from spain.

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    “Voces del Exilio” is the debut LP of an amazing 4-piece screamo/post-hardcore outfit from spain called La Parade. Well at first and foremost I have to say that Serjio sings and screams way too good. Impressive, really really impressive. For me he’s actually one of the best in the screamo genre. The soundscape of “Voces del Exilio” is impulsive, melodic, very diversified (playful guitars) and yet sometimes soft. Try to mix Envy or Sed Non Satiata with Kyo from france plus a bit Protest the Hero and you’ll get a small idea of La Parade’s awesomness. A massive and unbelievable catchy hybrid.

    Songs like “Lo Que Fui, Lo Que Soy” and “Descarne” are hits. Covered in poetic lyrics which remind of the old screamo-style and bands like Escapado, only in spanish.

    The entire album flows beautifully through all 10 tracks. Hopefully “Voces del Exilio” will be their little breakthrough in the scene. Wish them all the best. Oh… and the cover-artwork is also rad as hell.

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