Laube / Duct Hearts – Split 7″


4 vorrätig

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    daniel from time as a color: “this is a very special release, because ever since I started making music I dreamed of releasing a split with my dad. finally after a bunch of years we made it happen! laube is my dad’s band, and they have a very nice german sung singer/songwriter folkish track on this, 2 acoustic guitars, 2 voices and a flute. my part in this split is an uncommonly soft duct hearts song, with sampled drums and a rather poppish structure. the artwork complements the record with sketches of old maps of our hometown on the labels and inlay, which are both full color, and a screenprinted black cardboard wrapping. the records come with lyrics and a download code that includes the songs off the record and 2 bonus demo tracks by laube.”

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