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Mariesena – Ruth


Nicht vorrätig

  • Beschreibung

    “This record is a cry for help of four swore friends from a sinking ship of today’s system of values and morals. All presented lyrics are just metaphors. Its important to understand that our songs are filled with images from mass culture, literature and art not accidentally, it’s just a rethought reflection of problems that concern us in today’s reality. Certain characters appearing on this record are the best suit for our spectacle in our opinion. Spectacle that we hope helps us to attract your attention to things that concern us, our dear listener. It seems to us that by example of these images we would make it easier for you to understand Mariesena’s attitude. We didn’t want to resort to hackneyed quoting of revolutionary philosophers, instead we created our own system for assessment of the reality.

    This is how Gwen Stacy (Spider-man’s deceased girlfriend) becomes a symbol for human mistakes for us and therefore for you too. Think about it, we all had this chance we gave up, we all make those silly mistakes that influenced our later parts of life. Our Tin Man is a typical representative of the biomass, a human without a heart, unable to share feelings of love or compassion. However he, without even admitting it himself, takes up a fight with Gengema –Wicked Witch of the East ,in attempt to regain his right for feelings and sentiments. The same way as an everyman crawls out of the information pool, tries to battle the idiot box and Internet ,that substitute reality
    Figure out the rest by yourself.

    We will just keep playing our dolorous tunes on the third floor of an abandoned shoe factory in the city by Black Sea.”


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