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    1:0 for Matula. Highlight of the season. I’ve got the lyrics for “3 Minuten” stuck in my head for days now and always have to crack a smile. So moving. Well let’s start from the beginning. Back in the days of 2008 on the old blogspot, may some of you remember, one of the first uploads beside Gtuk‘s “Illusions To The Max”, some Eaves and Yage stuff, was the debut lp by Matula called “Kuddel”. I don’t exactly remember the short text of the post but I think it goes something like this: “<3″ , “one of my favourite records of all-time”. “Kuddel” was special and has become a little classic.

    “alles was ich von dir will ist ein lächeln und auch mal händchenhalten”

    Alongside with the almighty Captain Planet, Matula were kind of the cutting edge of a new punkrock/emo wave in germany. Which was important and sorta necessary. Both had a huge influence on bands like Käfer K, Supermutant or Love A.

    Anyway…some great splits with bands like Nein Nein Nein or Planke and an even better second lp called “Blinker” later, they’re are back with their newest output: “Auf allen Festen”.

    Matula 2014 are first and foremost of course more grown-up and well…let’s called it “more soft” but don’t worry, they still know how to write the best songs in the world and letting your heart jump across every corner of the room. “Auf allen Festen” starts very unusual and somehow “indie-pop-like” with a song called “Tapete”. Great start though. As well as song number 9 called “In einem Krieg”. A highly calm song with catching lyrics and a cool instrumentation.

    “Ein Bettzeug und ein Nachbar gingen dabei drauf”

    All the other songs including “Schwarzweißfotos”, “Monstrum”, “Kolumbus” and “Die härtesten Türen der Stadt” are typical matula-eske emopunk stunner with that inimitable soundwall and Thorbens rad voice. Uttly emotionally and astounding catchy songs.

    “Ein Gruß an zu Hause. Ich hab die Welt gesehen.”

    “Auf allen Festen” is a brilliant highlight of this young year and highly recommended.

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