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Black Lives Matter | 1312
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Black Lives Matter | 1312
Black Lives Matter | 1312
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мятеж – Riot/Mutiny

мятеж - Riot/Mutiny

Pretty humbled to present you these two songs. The last two songs ever by мятеж from Hamilton / Portland. And for the last time the band is showing their phenomenal mix of highly brutal emoviolence/grind attacks and stunningly beautiful dreamish parts. Structures that remind me in one second on the heaviness of bands such as Orchid, Jeromes Dream or Mörser and on the next second of Mono and alike. Staggering.

RIP мятеж.

мятеж was:

  • Chris (instruments)
  • Dave (screaming/lyrics)
  • Jesse (live bass/screaming)
  • Eric/Nicky (live drums)

Members of: Yaphet Kotto, Jenny Piccolo, Makara, The Anasazi, Anal Knieval, Gali Ma, The World That Summer, Swallows Nest, Apostles Of Eris, Altar Of Complaints, Van Hägar, Majorel, Nut Collector, Dawn and In Wolves’ Clothing

You can support the band the lovely labels by ordering a cassette here:


Swirled marble rubine red tapes/23 with j-card and gold download card in a resealable plastic sleeve (/13) or in a swirled marble case (/10). 2 songs. Art layout by Dave Cullen. Tape design by Dave Norman.