Nevasca – Self​​-​​Titled

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    Russian based band Nevasca will release a new 7″ in spring this year. The forthcoming EP is a co-release between We Built The World And Miss The Stars Records (GER), strictly no capital letters (UK), Voices of Unheard (FRA), Dingleberry records and distribution (GER), Tadzio Records (GER) , Samegrey Records (UKRAINE), trvs records (RU) and ruined smile records (AU).

    Nevasca play an uttly overwhelming and heartwarming midwest inspired modern emo sound. Remember Mineral? Sunny Day Real Estate?
    The release of this new 7“ follows their first demo and a split-record together with Flowers Taped To Pens, American Memories and Daycare, where they already showed their huge potential.

    Hopefully the band will also be playing outside of Russia some time soon.

    Pressing info:
    100 x black
    100 x white opaque
    50 x orange opaque

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