No Fealty – They Love The Soil Which Makes Their Graves


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  • Beschreibung

    No Fealty was formed in the end of 2011 and consists of former and current members of bands like Hexis, Stream City, Lewd Flesh and Thought Police Brutality.

    In August 2013 the band released their debut album ”IN THE SHADOW OF THE MONOLITH”. The record was released by the band’s own label Angry Music Records along with a bunch of other labels from Denmark and the rest of Europe. It was released both digitally and physically (vinyl and tape), and received good reviews from a lot of blogs and zines.

    Live as well as on record they strive to make a chaotic, brutal and aggressive impression – without too much tough-guy bullshit. The lyrics tend to be critical and politically loaded. The band has been described in many ways, but usually genre labels such as punk, crust, grind, thrash and hardcore are being mentioned.

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