Sangharsha / Blank – Split LP


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  • Beschreibung

    This split album is a product of the global D.I.Y. network, sometime very chaotic but very often really, really productive:

    SANGHARSHA, a band formed by guys originally from Nepal but currently living in New York City, USA, offers very fucked up, negative and extreme brutal metallic Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore, the kind of music fans of CONVERGE, CAVE IN, MASAKARI, NEUROSIS, … love to the max.

    BLANK, from Germany, play dark Hardcore with a slight modern Crust hint, very powerful, deep, diverse and catchy sound. BLANK walk a thin line between blackened Hardcore and metallic Crust that might resemble most characteristics of typical Crust bands but never looses the Hardcore drive and intensity behind it. BLANK offers a painful but unique sound that reminds of ZORN, FORCED TO DECAY and some other heavyweights of the Nineties.

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