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Second Guessing

Screamo-lovers here’s something exciting for y’all. Get a full listen to the new record of Utrecht, The Netherlands based four piece band Second Guessing called “Tijd Verdringt”.

Second Guessing play an staggeringly blend of screamo and post-hardcore – think of bands like Birds in Row, Suis la lune, Loma or City of Caterpillar. Back in 2014 they released an EP with the name”Cycles of Disappointment” and toured around europe in the summer of 2015 with it. Shows with Ostraca, Cavalcades or Saligia followed and now they are finally returning with some new tunes.

“My body is a map, parchment skin
My bones are bastions protruding”

Taken from “De Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie”

“Tijd Verdringt” is an emotional rollercoaster and will be released on the 29th of april through these awesome labels: Dingleberry Records, Mosh Potatoes, SmithsfoodgroupDIY and Santapogue Media.