screamo/emoviolence band from austin, texas. this song is taken from the emo apocalypse sampler released by react with protest. members also played in faithealer, body pressure, hatred surge, toru okada.

they released a 7″ called “We Will Turn Your Cemeteries Into Our Cathedrals, And Your Cities Into Tombs” and a demo in 2005.


ffo: dianacrawls, 60659-c, portrayal of guilt

Pure fire. Binary is a 2017 formed four piece band hailing from philadelphia/usa playing a super heavy blend of screamo, emoviolence and hardcore. “Commit More Arson” made it in my AOTY-list of 2018, which I’m gonna post later, and yeah they definitely killing it. Creative, uncompromising and well arranged. Highly recommended.

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