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To languish – Transfever ft. Elsa Lezzagon

To languish - transfever ft. Elsa Lezzagon

Ahh damn – so hyped for this one. Super happy to present you “Transfever” the first song of the new To languish record named “Sown”. This heavy-hitting femme violence/screamo tune features also amazing Elsa from Drei Affen and Osoluna.

To languish are so important. Listen to them. Reflect. Check your privileges.

“Sown” is gonna be massive and already one of the most important screamo/violence releases in a long time.

The full record is going to be released digitally on friday november 29. More info about vinyl pressing and labels behind will come shortly after the release. “Sown” was recorded in late september 2018 at Sunsetter Recording Studio in Bremen, Germany together with Fabian Schulz.

Sabes lo duro que es para alguien
que viene de tan lejos.
(Do you know how hard it is
For one who has come this far)
The stuff i’ve had to hear
And the leers i had to bear
Por que no me dejarías tener mi propia
(Why won’t you let me have my own)
Experience rather than cis-people
Proyectas tus nociones erróneas
(Project their misguided notions)
Feminism must not be a tool
To quiet trans experiences
Words shrouded in insularity

lyrics for transfever
Cover for the album called “Sown”.


Music video is made by Autojektor

Engineered, recorded, mixed & mastered by Fabian Schulz

Vocals recorded by Jim Nurminen at studio blue.

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