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TWINS – SOON (Full Album Stream)

TWINS - Soon

Building up a hype around a record in this subgenres is kinda tricky – but this four piece from Dresden/Germany seem to have managed it. TWINS debut record is one of the most anticipated screamo/post-hardcore albums in the last time.

SOON” will be released by a lovely package of highly prolific labels from all over europe and the US – a lot of interviews, social media activities followed and the first video and single output called “BATHROOM” was a brilliant idea (creative video, super catchy mathy song).

So basically everyone was stoked and now we are here and I’m thrilled to present you the whole record via bandcamp.

TWINS are playing an super neat blend of mathy emo, screamo, dark post-hardcore and everything in a somehow massie unique way. Just imagine – early La Dispute, Q and not U, City Light Thief, At The Drive In, whenskiesaregray – and you maybe get a small idea.

Well lets just say – enjoy this ride – I personally did it very much.

…there’ll be no company in the darkness from old books and tv shows and now you’re sitting alone in a bathroom trying to concentrate on your breath

Dog Ears

SOON will be released via the following amazing labels:

SOON – Album Artwork

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