Usnea / Ruins – Split 7″


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    New material from Germany’s Ruins and Portland Oregon’s Usnea. The first song on the split comes courtesy of Ruins. Ruins play a killer style of hardcore, punk, and crust that’s highly influenced by classic hardcore, punk, and crust bands such as Cursed, The Holy Mountain, and His Hero Is Gone as well as German hardcore/crust bands such as Planks, Perth Express, and Alpinist. The second song on the split comes courtesy of Usnea. Usnea is a four piece band from Portland, Oregon who formed in August of 2011. Usnea previously played in The Makai, Banishing, Amarok, Dopesmoker, Absence of Light, Lasers for Eyes, Bodhisattva, Effrays, Electric Desert, and Descent From The Cross. Usnea play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of doom, sludge, and black metal within their sound. Usnea is another great band who borrows from the DIY punk aspects of metal, calling to mind bands such as Thou, Black September, and Mutilation Rites. Overall, this is a phenomenal pairing of bands and both songs on the split are phenomenal.

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