Rêche - Demo | Screamo | Punk | Hardcore | Tape


Wow. Just wow. I can’t praise this band high enough. Rêche is a relative new four piece screamo band from erlangen/frankfurt/beilstein. 6 immense moving emotive hardcore punk/screamo songs with great lyrics, awesome sound-snippets and if someone would tell me that these are the debut demo songs I definitely him. This demo is simply unbelievable – I’ve been spinning it a… more »

Respire - Eternal Light Stream | Screamo | Post-Rock


This one is epic as hell. So thrilled to present you a new song by Toronto, Ontario based 6 piece experimental screamo/black metal/post-hardcore-rock band Respire. Some of know may now one half of the group as a part of the almighty screamo band Foxmoulder. “Eternal Light” the third track of the upcoming record called “Gravity and Grace” is an overwhelming… more »

Yotsuya Kaidan

Yotsuya Kaidan

Ohhh Yeees. Yotsuya Kaidan is an kick-ass four piece screamo band from Odessa, Ukraine with ex-members of lovely Mariesena. I’m super-stoked to present you this stream because I’ve been waiting for this for months now and the result is totally killer. Combining a old-school-90’s-screamo-flair, mark-breaking-vocals and an beautiful fitting aesthetic (artwork etc.) – this whole package just rules from start… more »

Noir Reva

Noir Reva

Woohoo, so excited about “Nuance”. 2 weeks ago we’ve started the pre-order for this superb release and now you can exclusively stream it in full for the very first time. “Nuance” is the massive and stunning post-rock debut by Noir Reva from Koblenz. If you dig bands like This Will Destroy You, Kokomo or Explosions In The Sky you’ll love… more »

Masada - Defeat Stream | Screamo | Punk


Whoa – after I’ve seen Masada at the first Miss The Stars Fest in 2014 I knew that they got something special. It was a performance full of tremendous energy – the song-writing was great as well. Pretty astounding for one of their first gigs. Now 2 years later – the band from Erlangen, Germany got even better and will… more »

Vivre sa vie - Demo Stream | Screamo | Punk

Vivre sa vie

Ohhh. 2nd mindblowing screamo release this week from sweden. Some weeks ago I’ve found a rehearsal song on bandcamp which was super-dope. Couldn’t wait for a demo or something and here it is. Whooop. Vivre sa vie is a new 4-piece band hailing from Stockholm. The band started in 2015 due to a shared a love for screamo/emoviolence and the… more »

What Of Us / Coma Regalia Split 12" Stream

What Of Us / Coma Regalia

Amazing screamo record after another – this year is getting better and better. Got the pleasure to present you the upcoming 12″ split between What Of Us and Coma Regalia. What of Us is a relative new band hailing from Albany, New York featuring ex-members of Capacities/You and I, and current members of Au Revoir. Truely a band to keep… more »

Young Mountain - The Garden Of Biological Machines EP Stream

Young Mountain

The ever awesome screamo band Young Mountain from sweden is back with a kinda appetizer for their upcoming concept album called “The Garden Of Biological Machines”. Both the mini-ep and the album are based on a fictional story with subtle fragments of real events and even political undertones. And damn – the new tunes are stunning – I mean for… more »

Thisismenotthinkingofyou - The Limbic System 7" Stream


Ohhhhh wow. Such noise. I am so stoked to present you the stream of the new 7″ record called “The Limbic System” by amazing emoviolence outfit Thisismenotthinkingofyou. Harsh but yet melodic, totally stunning, A+++ screamo/noise/Icecreamoviolence for fans of Elesh Norn, Neil Perry, The Truth About Dreaming or Kodan Armada. Thisismenotthinkingofyou is Shaun Hancock, a super-nice guy hailing from Derby, UK… more »

Murderofcrows - Salt Full Stream | Dark Hardcore Punk


Sheeesh. The wait is over – Murderofcrows finally release their debut album and I’m hyper stoked to present you the full stream of “Salt” (official release will be on december 20th). Murderofcrows is a four piece diy band hailing from Gothenburg/Sweden and they play some devastating demonic mix of crust, grind, doom and dark hardcore. “Salt” is a 12 song… more »

Heart On My Sleeve - In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness Stream

Heart On My Sleeve

There it is. “This Failure Is Not On Me” and “A Tale Of Two Hearts” were to incredible intense kinda warm-up-songs for the new record called “In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness” and I can finally present you the full stream of this literally heart splitting piece of awesomness. Sit back, enjoy, repeat. It’s a record that not going… more »

Regarde / Pastel / Saudade / Marmore Split Full Stream

Regarde / Pastel / Saudade / Marmore

Super-excited to present you the stream of the Regarde / Pastel / Saudade / Marmore split – a split that shows the coherence and good vibe in the diy-music-scene these days. An very vibrant and all in all amazing result somewhere between Screamo, Emo, Post-Rock, Post-Punk and Hardcore. 4 rad bands from italy who showing their best performance thus far…. more »