You'll Live

You’ll Live

So hyped about this one. South Florida’s finest emo/screamo/post-punk/whatever band is back with an amazing new full length – the follow-up to highly recommendable “Above the Weather” (I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this cover in some distro haha) is called “Moving Past This” and you can stream it right down below. “You gave up and called it quits At twenty-five… more »

Heart On My Sleeve

Heart On My Sleeve

Whooa, so thrilled to present you the debut single of my most anticipated release this year – Heart On My Sleeve’s “In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness”. HOMS is and will ever be a very special band to me – a band I’m loving since I first heard “Blood Is Not Thicker Than Wine” in 2011. “Still, this failure… more »

Jacob live

Dhole, Morsmordre and more

Whooop. Recommendation – Time again. After a quiet long abstinence on the blog itself except for some exclusive streams and stuff I wanted to show you some of my personal favourite tunes of the last weeks/days whatever. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as me – support diy and all the lovely bands, labels, bookings they really deserve it.

PASTEL - L'Acchiappanuvole


One of the most likeable bands I know and they are probably the best 2-piece emotive punk/screamo/instrumental band around. Hailing from bari/italy PASTEL released a great split record in 2014 with Merridew and are now going to kick if off with their first full length “L’Acchiappanuvole”. So stunning to hear what Andrea and Vito recorded on this lp – the… more »



Damn, this is some evil-stuff and hard to put into words. Remember Kilgore Trout? A incredible good screamo/emoviolence quartet with a grindy-edge for fans of Usurp Synapse, CTTS and Burn her letters from Richmond. “Immemorial” was a tempest and Kilgore Trout a band to keep an eye on. Well after a few line-up changes the band is now a 3-piece… more »

duct hearts - if you prick us, do we not bleed? 7"

duct hearts

Munichs finest emo band duct hearts is going to release a new 7″ called “if you prick us, do we not bleed?” in early april. The EP contains an epic and immense beautiful 11:36 minutes long track which was edited into 2 parts (second part starts at 5:50). Really worth checking out. “can we take the light of someone 
and… more »

We Had A Deal - Counting Leaves Stream

We Had A Deal

Here’s to hesitating and shaking hands, to social angst and losing friends“. Woooah been listening to this brilliant stuff for days now. 4 piece screamo/post-hardcore formation We Had A Deal is killing it again with their new release called “Counting Leaves”. The stirring blend of groovy/chaotic hardcore, 90ies screamo, outstanding vocals and well-written lyrics is still pretty unique in the… more »



Damn, this is probably the best thing happened in the last time. Damn. Fans of the swedish screamo scene listen up, this project is like a dream come true. The very fact that persons from bands like Vi som älskade varandra så mycket, Sore Eyelids, Totem Skin, Rainmaker and more are involved lets my heart beat faster and faster. But… more »



Before anything else I want to greatly apologize the irregular posting. The fest, distro/label and my privat life keeping me very busy. So sorry for that. Got some short screamo/new-emo/black-metal/powerviolence recommendations/releases for you that have made an high impression on me including Mass Decay, Addaura, Wallflower, Feverteeth and Sleep Routine. Hope you’ll enjoy them too. Stay rad. Feverteeth – Inspiration… more »

All My Wishes Were Thrown Down a Well and Should Die There

All My Wishes Were Thrown Down a Well and Should Die There

I’m a huge fan of long band names such as “i wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook“, “fear before the march of flames” or “iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing“, so yeah this 3 piece band called “All My Wishes Were Thrown Down a Well and Should Die There” really caught my attention with its first release “In Hopes of a New Tomorrow” haha…. more »

Beach Slang

Best of 2014: EPs, Splits, Demos…

Whoa, thanks so much for the positive feedback on the “Best of 2014: Albums” – post. This one is a short overview of EPs, Splits, Demos I really really enjoyed this year. There were a lot more but these ones were definitely outstanding for me. Hope you enjoy them too. Let’s start with the EPs. That Beach Slang one is… more »