What's Left of the Sun - The Prince Stream | Screamo | Sweden

What’s Left of the Sun

Whooa. Did I said #hype yet? What’s Left of the Sun is really a band to have an eye/ear on. These sweethearts are hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden and play Brand new, La Dispute or By A Thread influenced post-hardcore/screamo/emo-punk. I’m totally psyched to present you the new single called “The Prince” by this really really awesome five piece band. “The… more »

Shirokuma live at the Miss The Stars Fest


To be honest – I’m pretty excited and thrilled right now. Getting the opportunity to present a song of such a stunning collaboration is not commonplace. This will probably be the best thing in screamo this year. So where to begin this awesomeness? Take one of the best upcoming screamo acts, a legendary screamo band, a ridiculously good label and… more »

Rêche - Demo | Screamo | Punk | Hardcore | Tape


Wow. Just wow. I can’t praise this band high enough. Rêche is a relative new four piece screamo band from erlangen/frankfurt/beilstein. 6 immense moving emotive hardcore punk/screamo songs with great lyrics, awesome sound-snippets and if someone would tell me that these are the debut demo songs I definitely him. This demo is simply unbelievable – I’ve been spinning it a… more »

Respire - Eternal Light Stream | Screamo | Post-Rock


This one is epic as hell. So thrilled to present you a new song by Toronto, Ontario based 6 piece experimental screamo/black metal/post-hardcore-rock band Respire. Some of know may now one half of the group as a part of the almighty screamo band Foxmoulder. “Eternal Light” the third track of the upcoming record called “Gravity and Grace” is an overwhelming… more »

Yotsuya Kaidan

Yotsuya Kaidan

Ohhh Yeees. Yotsuya Kaidan is an kick-ass four piece screamo band from Odessa, Ukraine with ex-members of lovely Mariesena. I’m super-stoked to present you this stream because I’ve been waiting for this for months now and the result is totally killer. Combining a old-school-90’s-screamo-flair, mark-breaking-vocals and an beautiful fitting aesthetic (artwork etc.) – this whole package just rules from start… more »

Noir Reva

Noir Reva

Woohoo, so excited about “Nuance”. 2 weeks ago we’ve started the pre-order for this superb release and now you can exclusively stream it in full for the very first time. “Nuance” is the massive and stunning post-rock debut by Noir Reva from Koblenz. If you dig bands like This Will Destroy You, Kokomo or Explosions In The Sky you’ll love… more »

Masada - Defeat Stream | Screamo | Punk


Whoa – after I’ve seen Masada at the first Miss The Stars Fest in 2014 I knew that they got something special. It was a performance full of tremendous energy – the song-writing was great as well. Pretty astounding for one of their first gigs. Now 2 years later – the band from Erlangen, Germany got even better and will… more »

Vivre sa vie - Demo Stream | Screamo | Punk

Vivre sa vie

Ohhh. 2nd mindblowing screamo release this week from sweden. Some weeks ago I’ve found a rehearsal song on bandcamp which was super-dope. Couldn’t wait for a demo or something and here it is. Whooop. Vivre sa vie is a new 4-piece band hailing from Stockholm. The band started in 2015 due to a shared a love for screamo/emoviolence and the… more »

What Of Us / Coma Regalia Split 12" Stream

What Of Us / Coma Regalia

Amazing screamo record after another – this year is getting better and better. Got the pleasure to present you the upcoming 12″ split between What Of Us and Coma Regalia. What of Us is a relative new band hailing from Albany, New York featuring ex-members of Capacities/You and I, and current members of Au Revoir. Truely a band to keep… more »

Young Mountain - The Garden Of Biological Machines EP Stream

Young Mountain

The ever awesome screamo band Young Mountain from sweden is back with a kinda appetizer for their upcoming concept album called “The Garden Of Biological Machines”. Both the mini-ep and the album are based on a fictional story with subtle fragments of real events and even political undertones. And damn – the new tunes are stunning – I mean for… more »

Thisismenotthinkingofyou - The Limbic System 7" Stream


Ohhhhh wow. Such noise. I am so stoked to present you the stream of the new 7″ record called “The Limbic System” by amazing emoviolence outfit Thisismenotthinkingofyou. Harsh but yet melodic, totally stunning, A+++ screamo/noise/Icecreamoviolence for fans of Elesh Norn, Neil Perry, The Truth About Dreaming or Kodan Armada. Thisismenotthinkingofyou is Shaun Hancock, a super-nice guy hailing from Derby, UK… more »

Murderofcrows - Salt Full Stream | Dark Hardcore Punk


Sheeesh. The wait is over – Murderofcrows finally release their debut album and I’m hyper stoked to present you the full stream of “Salt” (official release will be on december 20th). Murderofcrows is a four piece diy band hailing from Gothenburg/Sweden and they play some devastating demonic mix of crust, grind, doom and dark hardcore. “Salt” is a 12 song… more »