PYLON - Mixtape


PYLON is a nice litte distro and mailorder from Vienna. They currently released a wonderful mixtape with bands like Lorraine, Stillborn or El Camino Car Crash which is dedicated against religious and political persecution & violence. An important subject and definitely worth supporting. You can check out the digital version here or below. A physical mixtape is in the making… more »

Vi som älskade varandra så mycket

Vi som älskade varandra så mycket

This record is on another level. Damn, I’m totally stoked. Vi som älskade varandra så mycket is a 6-piece screamo band hailing from sweden and they are one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. It still bothers me that I almost missed the whole live-set at the Miss The Stars Fest. Well… more »

Captain Planet - 27.02-Bi NUU Berlin

Captain Planet

No screamo or violence this time. I’m very thrilled to announce that I’m going to present the berlin concert of my favourite band Captain Planet at the Bi Nuu on the 27th of february 2015 along with the great blog Thanks so much for this opportunity, can’t honestly describe how much I love this band. Their record “Wasser kommt,… more »

Chuck Bass

Making Waves

Split releases of three and more bands can end up either perfectly matching or hella odd. “Making Waves” is definitley one of the 1st category. A project, a wonderful way to connect and introduce screamo bands from coastal towns all over the world. Brillant idea by the lovely diy-labels Chloromethane Recs. and Tief In Marcellos Schuld. Every band contributed 2… more »

Kilgore Trout

Kilgore Trout

Another old post from last year but anyway this is still fuckin A. 4 seconds of the first track were enough to know this EP would be a killer. Amazing abrasive 4-piece screamo/violence band from annandale, virginia (formed in 2008). They play some heartfelt tunes with a grindy-edge somewhere between Usurp Synapse, aspergers, CTTS, The Usual and Burn her letters…. more »

dream caste

Dream Caste

Whooooa. DC are like an underground – screamo – emo – post – whatever – supergroup hailing from California. Members also played in bands like Ezra, Summer Vacation, Ten Thousand Leagues, Moldar or La Bella. It’s their very first demo and damn…”A Calmer Room” is a 5-track-killer – chaotic, quite melodic, rough produced and super-catchy. I especially love “It’s A… more »

La ciencia

La ciencia

Fantastic 5-song debut ep, this one kills. La ciencia aka science is made up of mistakes is a really new 4-piece screamo from Madrid, Spain with members of the brilliant Eros + Massacre. In my eyes they seem to utter fulfill every screamo/emo fans dream. Harsh and high-pitched screaming covered in a heartwarming and melodic sound. Think of La Quiete,… more »

wherebirdsmeettodie - I'm alone in this


for the aggressively depressed” – Couldn’t describe it any better. wherebirdsmeettodie are an intense 90′s inspired screamo/emo band from Uniontown/Pennsylvania. “I’m Alone in This EP” is a blend of pure beauty, pain and desperation in 4 acts. For me the beauty of their debut EP lies between every single phrase and chord. Especially the last song “First Snow” is getting… more »

Ken Burns

Ken Burns

No bandcamp. No soundcloud. No facebook. No mysp…oh forget that. Just a 4-song tape and a mail-address. It’s hard to collect any information about Ken Burns. What I know is that they are a new amazing screamo outfit hailing from Boston with members of Houston We Have a Problem, Who Goes There?, Sneeze, Apart and ex-The Saddest Landscape. Which seems… more »

Nostalgia del Absoluto

Nostalgia del Absoluto

Some awesome terrific devastating and noisy hardcore/screamo stuff from Madrid, Spain. Their s/t titled debut was pretty solid too, but this EP totally kills it, especially the production is much more intense. Alberto, Jorge, Juan and Miguel have written little fucked up hymns about regrets and inner struggles always overflowing you with this incredible and staggering heaviness. Exploding amalgam of… more »

Death Of Youth - Scheitern

Death Of Youth

New powerful 4-piece dark hardcore punk band from mainz/germany. They currently released their debut EP “Lichter”. Definitely a group to keep an eye on if you dig stuff like Afterlife Kids, Fjort or maybe Loxiran. Check out the nice black and white video for “Scheitern” below. “Flucht nach vorn, Und meine Lungen brennen. Stehen vorm Abgrung, halten Lichter hinein. Wenn… more »

moonassi - Fact, Fiction and Everything in Between.


Yeeeeeees. Stunning new 4 piece screamo band from austin. Love the old school-vibe and aesthetic in this one, the heart-rending lyrics, high-pitched screams and fitting band-photos. As if Saetia and Elesh Norn would be one band. Great. “Pointless photographs that I have, reflecting how long I have been here. Each journey was so short lived, but each step taken was… more »