Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Glummer "Inertia" Exclusive Stream

Been a huge fan of emo/alternative ever since - but haven't posted an emo related band in a while - so I'm even more stoked now to present you the full stream for the debut EP of Glummer from Gotheburg, Sweden called "Inertia".

Some of you might now the brainchild behind the awesome melodic band - Anton Hedlund - who played already swedish powerhouses like Murderofcrows, Oak and Disavow. 

Lyrically, Inertia is Anton reflecting on patterns recognised in himself and society - how fearing loss takes form in everyday life and how frustration with oneself and one's surroundings often gets in the way of better things.

The album was recorded at Studio Ruinen (Gothenburg, Sweden) in July 2021, and at Stray Dogs HQ (Berlin, Germany) in October 2021. Everything mixed by Elias Straat (who also did Artwork and Design)  and mastered by Bob Cooper at Chairworks Studio.

"Inertia" will be released digital and on limited white cassette (by lovely No Heroes Records from Berlin) on friday.


Friday, February 17, 2023

It Is Well Past The Point Of Going Home (Screamo Sampler)

So happy to share the new Miss The Stars Screamo Sampler called "It Is Well Past The Point Of Going Home" with all of you. Thanks to all the amazing bands. The sampler is free for download - share the archive as you like, put it on your iPods or on a cassette - enjoy it. ✨  

  1. Flirt - Promise Of Happiness
  2. Carrion Spring - Peacemeal (Demo)
  3. TODO POR HACER - Arquitectos de la Mente
  4. SHIMMER - Fire With Fire
  5. Catalyst - Little Strings
  6. restwithoutrelaxation - Blood On The Bathroom Mirror
  7. Salt Money - Overplayed
  8. Garden Home - Ghost
  9. Apousia - De leegte mijn thuis
  10. RIOTNINE! - No One Wants Pain
  11. Sonagi - Who Could See You And Forget
  12. Amygdala - Resilient Minds // We Shall Rise
  13. Damasco - Ying Bin Jiu Lou
  14. mei├čel - VII
  15. Pyre - I Wrote It In Guitar Pro
  16. tužan dečak kavr bend - III
  17. Soastasphrenas - A Suffering Spirit Proves The Heart Still Beats For A Purpose
  18. Ritual Error - Gridlock AD
  19. PIQUE - Credit
  20. Barabbas, du förtappade - Truth And Reconciliation
  21. Lorne Malvo - Surplombant Les Vautours
  22. Un Automne de plus - Autant Se r​é​volter!
  23. Nessel - Absenz

Download: mediafire

Friday, February 3, 2023

Salt Money - Overplayed Music Video Premiere

Unbelievable stoked to present you the new official music video for Brisbane, Australia based screamo act Salt Money. "Overplayed" is taken from the full-length debut record "Love of my life" - which was released at the end of last year. A record so good that in hindsight I really regret I've made my AOTY list too early. 

Seriously they are just killing it in every sense - this whole thing is a musical outburst. And besides the heaviness - I could listen to that opening riff forever. 

Order the record under the following links - 
USA: here
Australia: here