Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Schwere Artillerie

Schwere Artillerie was a short-lived four piece experimental screamo band hailing from Grenoble, France. Their 2005 released EP "Brutal Bebop Show" is a super catchy mix between Saetia, The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Blood Brothers. Screamo with Keyboard rules. If these things are in any case your taste, please check them out - its funny, rough and just really really good.

Download: mediafire

Monday, May 9, 2022

Dancing On Debris

I remembered by accident a tape I bought about twelve years ago - and thought I have to post this awesome band. The tape was the discography of Dancing On Debris - a five-piece screamo band hailing from Aachen in Germany that split up in 2011. Members were in bands like Longing For Tomorrow or ◯. 

The download is not the discography because I didn't had anything to rip the tape but I found old mp3s.

Dark, heavy and super powerful - that's how their one and only LP "...Of Our Self-Made Collapse", released in 2009, sounds like. Hope you dig it as much as I do - it's basically 35 minutes of soul crushing screamo/hardcore. Enjoy.

Download: mediafire

Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Delighted to share with you a new track by Nuremberg, Germany based screamo outfit Azzacov. "Fassadenbau" is one hell of a heavy-hitting skramz/violence tune. First thing that immediately popped in my head was them playing the stage at CMAR Fest - listening to them felt like the old fest summer days.

The band recorded twelve songs for the upcoming record "Fragmente" and it's gonna be released next week - it's a co-release between Zegema Beach Records and Middle Man Records, and Coxhina on 125 tapes.

Incredible artwork, tunes and political views - what a great package.



Sunday, April 24, 2022

Piet Onthel

Stoked to be part of PremieRing #2 and to present you a new song by Piet Onthel from the 4-way split cassette by Demersal, Letterbombs, Piet Onthel, and Vientre released by Tomb Tree and Witch Elm. 

Piet Onthel is a one person emoviolence/screamo/post-hardcore band hailing from Kuantan, Malaysia and was founded in 2018. Since that time PO put out seven releases incl. splits with i.a Amitié, Scenes We Have Missed, Bastos and Children Of Boredom - with a huge amount of great songs. Besides Piet Onthel - Mashi Mierul is/was involved in a lot of other projects such as Singular, Star Order, Hellisforsinister, Dizguzted, Cantilever and Quarter Life. 

Now let's talk about the split and the new track called "Fable" - damn - it is amazing - heavy, fast and yet melodic. "The lyrics tells the story of how some human beings are cruel and greedy towards their fellow human beings. In contrast to the nature of animals where it is more sentimental in nature even though it has no sense." - Mierul states. 

Every band has 2 songs on the split, they all sick - highly recommend to get one of these cassettes.

Well done to everyone involved in that release.

Listen to another new track from the split over at TNIO (Letterbombs - "Mansuit")

Friday, April 22, 2022


Stunning new international screamo band with people hailing from Argentina/Turkey/UK and Netherlands. Members play/ed in Ostende, Second Guessing, SOUR or The Ousted. Can't wait for more.

Listen: here

Friday, April 8, 2022


Stoked to present you all the new utterly beautiful single by finnish screamo outfit Alas. The Jyväskylä based four piece is killing it since 2020 and pretty quickly made themselves a name in the scene with an amazing first EP and two splits (with To Be Gentle, Armywives, Mirin Bide and Claire Voyancé). 

"Uusi Vuosi" is the first output from the upcoming record which will be released in summer by zilpzalp records,  Zegema Beach Records, Larry Records and Voice of the Unheard.

Monday, April 4, 2022



Cienfuegos is a four piece screamo band hailing from Santiago/Chile with former members of Baudelaire, Merhan Karimi and El último ardid. The band was formed in 2018 and released three  incredible records - one split with De Carne e Flor and two EPs. The last EP "Derrotero​/​Devenir" just came out some days ago and shows again the stunning ability for melodic but yet harsh screamo punk. Highly recommended.

Download: mediafire 
Support the band: here

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


cuandoelmarpierdelasconchas is a new band from Granada in Spain. The two piece is playing lo-fi screamo - which I really dig. Sound is harsh, catchy, melodic - everything at the same time. Oh and some times pretty epic - just take "Ojos azules", that song is literally perfect and has a kinda of Franics Brady vibe which is always good. Can't wait for more. 

Support them here.

Download: mediafire

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Sampler To Help Ukraine Refugees

Solidarity with Ukraine.

This sampler contains 21 Bands from all over the country and was collectively assembled.

All donations will be directly transferred to help refugees from the Ukraine.

Thank you all for listening, sharing and donating. We really appreciate it.

Stop the war.

Download: here

Monday, February 28, 2022

El mejor verano de mi vida

El mejor verano de mi vida are a new four piece midwest-emo/screamo band from Trujillo, Peru and definitely a recommendation for everyone who loves Algernon, Cap'n Jazz or Merchant Ships. The first track is now up bandcamp and it's pretty amazing.

Download/Stream: here

Monday, February 21, 2022


Literally no idea whats going on with this Skramz/Emoviolence project from São /Paulo, Brazil but they keep releasing stunning stuff on a monthly bases. Had them in my End-Of-The-Year post already and damn - everything evolves more and more - sound, artwork etc.. If the band reads this article by accident: can't wait for a full length and I hope that they get way more listeners ( at the moment 8). seriously this is beyond.

Download: mediafire ("Fresta" EP)

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

mil ataris por segundo

mil ataris por segundo is an Illinois-based screamo band and well since the beginning of 2022 they are  bascially releasing one highlight after another. "masseratti 3 lt" is so so good. gosh I love this band so much. along with the new yearning def. best screamo stuff last month.

Download: mediafire

Thursday, January 27, 2022


Five piece band Elsamort was a very short-lived screamo outfit from Louisiana. They unfortunately only recorded 4 songs and released them as "Summer '05 Demo" - but these tunes are so good, so intense that everybody that digs View of a Burning City, Saddest Landscape, Eyes Like Black Stars etc. will most definitely also fall in love with this group.

Download: mediafire

Monday, January 24, 2022

OK Boomer

Ok Boomer are finally back. The band from Trujillo/Perú astounded me some months ago with their first single Gira Soles - which was some awesome fresh midwest-emo/screamo/post-rock blend. "Flora de la Estepa Extinta" is the new EP and it just hits with the same perfect vibe with which they started everything. Peru has such a nice diy emo/screamo scene - with bands like LÖRI, Maria, Fiesta Bizarra etc. - Ok Boomer is no exception at all - what a great band.

Download: mediafire

Monday, January 17, 2022

Arroyo Seco

Was going through my old hard-drive and found this awesome tape demo from 2002 by Arroyo Seco. They were an screamo/emocore band from the US and Pre-Life at these speeds. Everything about that demo is nice - from the artwork, the lyrics, the overall aesthetic and of course the songs. According to the numbers on they were/are pretty under the radar - so if you love highly emotional hardcore - then this is definitely something for you.

Download: mediafire

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Hans Geiger

Think I never pressed the "surprise me" button on Bandcamp before - luckily I finally did and was remembered on this amazing band that was completely under the radar. Hans Geiger was a four piece screamo band from Texas and had some beautiful tunes. Love the guitars and the screams - they sound so much fun - would've loved to see them live. 

Download: mediafire