Thursday, January 27, 2022


Five piece band Elsamort was a very short-lived screamo outfit from Louisiana. They unfortunately only recorded 4 songs and released them as "Summer '05 Demo" - but these tunes are so good, so intense that everybody that digs View of a Burning City, Saddest Landscape, Eyes Like Black Stars etc. will most definitely also fall in love with this group.

Download: mediafire

Monday, January 24, 2022

OK Boomer

Ok Boomer are finally back. The band from Trujillo/Perú astounded me some months ago with their first single Gira Soles - which was some awesome fresh midwest-emo/screamo/post-rock blend. "Flora de la Estepa Extinta" is the new EP and it just hits with the same perfect vibe with which they started everything. Peru has such a nice diy emo/screamo scene - with bands like LÖRI, Maria, Fiesta Bizarra etc. - Ok Boomer is no exception at all - what a great band.

Download: mediafire

Monday, January 17, 2022

Arroyo Seco

Was going through my old hard-drive and found this awesome tape demo from 2002 by Arroyo Seco. They were an screamo/emocore band from the US and Pre-Life at these speeds. Everything about that demo is nice - from the artwork, the lyrics, the overall aesthetic and of course the songs. According to the numbers on they were/are pretty under the radar - so if you love highly emotional hardcore - then this is definitely something for you.

Download: mediafire

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Hans Geiger

Think I never pressed the "surprise me" button on Bandcamp before - luckily I finally did and was remembered on this amazing band that was completely under the radar. Hans Geiger was a four piece screamo band from Texas and had some beautiful tunes. Love the guitars and the screams - they sound so much fun - would've loved to see them live. 

Download: mediafire