Second Guessing

Screamo-lovers here’s something exciting for y’all. Get a full listen to the new record of Utrecht, The Netherlands based four piece band Second Guessing called “Tijd Verdringt”.

Second Guessing play an staggeringly blend of screamo and post-hardcore – think of bands like Birds in Row, Suis la lune, Loma or City of Caterpillar. Back in 2014 they released an EP with the name”Cycles of Disappointment” and toured around europe in the summer of 2015 with it. Shows with Ostraca, Cavalcades or Saligia followed and now they are finally returning with some new tunes.

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мятеж – Riot/Mutiny

Pretty humbled to present you these two songs. The last two songs ever by мятеж from Hamilton / Portland. And for the last time the band is showing their phenomenal mix of highly brutal emoviolence/grind attacks and stunningly beautiful dreamish parts. Structures that remind me in one second on the heaviness of bands such as Orchid, Jeromes Dream or Mörser and on the next second of Mono and alike. Staggering.

RIP мятеж.

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Stoked to present you a new track by RAINING from New Zealand. It’s off the upcoming split with Apostles Of Eris which is going to be released on the 19th of april via lovely Zegema Beach Records and Larry Records.

RAINING is a pretty sad and skramzy five piece with influences of midwest-emo, emoviolence, twinkle and lo-fi-sounds. “blanktree” is massive, raw blend of all these things. After releasing two demos and one phone-recorded session over the last four years, this split with US based Apostles of Eris (Jesse Mowery of Majorel and Dave Norman of Swallows Nest) is a huge step up in sound and heavyness. With what I heard so far from the split both bands are going places in the scene.

Can’t for a full-length and new stuff from them.

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