Sunday, September 25, 2022

Conjunto vacío

Conjunto vacío is a super good new three piece screamo band from San Carlos, Chile. Not much is know about them - this is their first Demo. Hope you enjoy it. 

Download: mediafire

Sunday, September 18, 2022


moldmouth is a one person screamo/skramgaze band from Illinois/USA. Founded at the beginning of 2022 mm plays such an interesting and intense blend of screamo, black metal and violence - that its actually hard to put in any specific category - one tag on the bandcamp page is for example "post screamo", kind of a good description tbh. For being so relatively new mm put out a lot of stuff already including two splits - one with Homeskin and the other with My Hair is a Rat's Nest - pretty sick. Download is for the latest release "seven lines". 

Download: mediafire

Friday, September 16, 2022

de l'orme

photo: Matthew Gagui

Very short lived screamo/emoviolence band from Missouri/USA. Found them on a sampler years ago and unfortunately totally forgot about them. Forgot how damn good they were. There are not many infos around about the band - I know that the four piece played with bands like Malevich, ZETA and Gif from God during the active months but yeah, that's bascially it. Someone wrote "A supergroup of sorts" - if anyone has more details let me know and I'm gonna add it.

Download: mediafire

Thursday, September 8, 2022


So so stoked for this. Pique is a screamo band from New York and in the four years of their existence they already released more stuff than some bands in their whole career - always screamo / post-hardcore at its very best.

Now, the five piece is gonna release their new LP called "Thanks A Million" - seven songs were written during some hard times. "Separation" is the first output and what can I say - this band never disappoints. Can't wait to hear the full length. 

The official vinyl and digital release date is on halloween - by the ever-amazing Illuminate my Heart Records, Friendly Otter Records and Larry Records.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Colours Octave

Colours Octave is a new five piece screamo band from Malaysia with members of Impression Year, The Monaco Heartattack, Halal, Old Unit and Sinatra. Their "Self Titled" three tracks EP was released some months ago and its so amazing - powerful and emotional short screamo hits. 

Download: mediafire