Thursday, July 28, 2022

Nessel - Sturm (Exclusive Premiere)

Heavily excited to present you the stunning single "Sturm" by brand new black metal/blackgaze/post-metal/shoegaze outfit Nessel from Stuttgart/Germany.

Nessel is a five piece band with ex-/members of Knife Eyes, Mahlstrom, Thurm and Archivist - of which all are/were great. If you are familiar with them already you probably can get good image of how Nessel sounds - beautiful, massive and post-gaze-everything - in the best way possible.

“Sturm“ is the second output out of the upcoming record "Gestalt" and denounces the post-factual way of thinking and laments the loss of people to a web of lies. “In Sturm I have processed a theme that has unfortunately accompanied me throughout the pandemic: I lost several people to the Querdenker scene [self-proclaimed lateral thinkers during the pandemic in Germany]. In the lyrics, I process my unsuccessful attempts to convince them with facts, arguments and discussions,” explains the singer.

Their debut full-length "Gestalt" is gonna be released via I.Corrupt.Records & Through Love Records in Germany - Fireflies Fall in France and Clever Eagle Records in the US on vinyl on the 9th of September. 

There will also be a limited Tape available via Natural Resources from Hamburg which you can see down below.

Nessel really did an amazing job on every single level - the music is top-notch, the artworks/ pictures/videos etc are aesthetic as hell and the labels involved are A+++.